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Delivery times Christmas 2022

To ensure that your order reaches you by Christmas, we have specific delivery times that you should be aware of. We do our best to ship your order on time. We cannot accept any liability for late deliveries or delivery problems. Any orders received after this time will of course be processed, but there is no guarantee that they will arrive in time for Christmas. 



Shipping Switzerland

KLEA Charms 18.12.2022

KLEA Horse 16.12.2022

KLEA Dog Classic & Color Line 30.11.2022

KLEA Dog Velvet & Vegan 18.12.2022

Accessoires 18.12.2022

KLEA vouchers electronic until 23.12.2022

KLEA charms from vd horsedesign until 12.12.2022

International shipping

Delivery times depend on the country

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