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Klea Heart Horse

KLEA Heart is one of the leading suppliers of personalized horse and stable accessories. We offer a wide range of products including feed bowls with personalized stickers, halters & ropes with custom engraving and horse management plans & signs.

Our products have been carefully selected to provide you with a unique and personalized experience.

KLEA Heart Tags

Are you looking for the best dog tags and horse tags with engraving? Then our range of high-quality stainless steel and aluminium tags is just right for you. Our personalised horse tags & dog tags combine style, durability and functionality to create a reliable identification solution for your beloved pets. Unique & personalised KLEA Heart tags for you and your loved ones. They come in different shapes, sizes & colours. Our personalised ID tags with personal engraving are not only a functional, but also a stylish accessory. At KLEA Heart you can decide whether you want a laser engraving or a diamond engraving. Our ID tags are individually engraved and designed according to your wishes. 

Personalised start number for the tournament

An absolute must-have for the tournament season ♥ Our personalised bib number with your desired name or logo is produced & personalised in a stylish design, making it impossible to mix up. Available individually or in a set of 5.


Halter & ropes

At KLEA Heart you will find halters in various styles, colours and designs. Whether for your shetland, pony, thoroughbred or horse, we have the right halter for every size in our range. The halter should fit the horse perfectly so that it does not constrict the horse and cause chafing. The halter should therefore not be too tight, but also not too wide. If you are unsure about the size, please contact us before you buy. Our KLEA Heart halters are available in artificial leather, apple leather or nylon.
We offer a very good price-performance ratio. Halter for the everyday stable or for competition. Our KLEA Heart halters are equipped with a personalised nameplate which we engrave individually for you. Laser or diamond engraving. 

Horse management plans 

Personalised whiteboards for your horse and stable management. We offer various horse management plans to give you a good overview of your horses. Customised to you & your needs. From a daily training plan to a management plan for an entire week with additional space for pasture, farrier and vet, we offer you the perfect solution. So you can enter your employees with the various tasks of the respective horse. We use various standard sizes in our range. However, it is also possible to order a customised size. Shipping within Europe.


Horse accessories for the stable

KLEA Heart offers personalised, food-safe feed bowls that can be designed according to your wishes. An ideal everyday companion for you & your horse, with a wide range of uses. Choose from different stickers, fonts and foil colours - you decide what makes the feed bowl your perfect companion. KLEA Heart mashlöffel with heart - love really does go through the stomach! With our KLEA mashl spoon you can conjure up the perfect dinner for your darling. You can also find various personalisable signs at KLEA Heart. Be it for your horse equipment such as halter, martingale etc. or for the horse box as a box sign for your darling.

Care products

Are you looking for grooming products for your heart horse? KLEA Heart offers you personalised care products, such as brushes, that meet your individual requirements. KLEA Heart also offers a large selection of high-quality Absorbine products for your horse. The ABSORBINE brand from the American family business W.F. Young has been impressing customers with its outstanding quality since 1903. The company's success is based on the fact that W.F. Young's wife was very interested in curing diseases with medicinal herbs and successfully applied her knowledge. Not only horse lovers and riders, but also vets greatly appreciate Absorbine Horse Care's veterinary products for their animal companions. As the entrepreneurs realised that it is not just about curing existing diseases, but also about prevention through proper care, they expanded their range to include other care products. Some of the ABSORBINE care products can also be used for dogs, cows and other four-legged friends, such as ABSORBINE care products for easier mane and tail care. Benefit from over 100 years of experience and be convinced by the innovative care products of the traditional brand with regard to general health care, coat care, mane and tail care, insect protection, hoof care and wound care.

Equine passport covers

Customised equine passport cover for your darling. Beautiful felt cover is perfect for storing your equine passport, Carnet Ata and offers plenty of protection! Each cover is individually printed and personalised for you. Also possible with your logo.


Horse portrait

Your horse as a work of art. With this poster, you can immortalise your horse with its head shape and unique markings. Each poster is individually drawn and printed on high-quality poster paper. The poster can be customised with your choice of lettering such as pedigree, name or date of birth. The poster is particularly suitable as a gift for horse-loving people, for example as a memento of their favourite horse. The poster is designed by VD horsedesign using photos of your animal. There should be at least one photo that shows your horse, dog or cat from the front, just as it will appear on the poster. Before the poster is printed, you will receive it again to give feedback. Also available as a digital PDF.


In the dark season, reflectors and lighting are crucial for the safety of horse and rider. Adequate lighting is not only a safety aspect in the dark, but also mandatory for every rider and their horse in road traffic. With our LED lights for horses, riders and dogs, you are always safe on the road, even in the dark.

Equinetree at KLEA Heart

We live modern & sustainable innovation in equestrian sports

It is our goal to offer every rider the equestrian product range with vegan, durable and elegant horse harnesses! EQUINETREE is the exclusive equestrian brand that is probably the first in the world to manufacture horse harnesses exclusively from vegan and sustainable materials. The focus for the equestrian accessories is on the use of Appleskin - the sustainable leather substitute material, which is made from leftovers from the apple juice industry in a biological upcycling process to compete with leather.

The EQUINETREE brand deals with the concepts of responsibility and innovation by combining style, high-quality design and functionality with respect for the environment. Our production partners have at least ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certification and endeavour not only to meet the minimum requirements but also to raise the standards themselves.

We firmly believe that every step, no matter how small, counts and inspires and sensitises our fellow human beings. Sustainability characterises our lifestyle and should express who we are. We enjoy equestrian sports and love animals and nature. We want their vitality to be preserved - also for future generations. Hand in hand with nature for horses and people!

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